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Autism Services
Our Autism services cover  Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Westmeath, Louth and Wicklow                          &n, continue...


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Autism Services

Our Autism services cover  Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Westmeath, Louth and Wicklow                                                                               ...
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Supervised and Supported access service

                           Please contact us if we can help on 01 4429857 / 087 9801898                              Meath & Kildare office  044 9668609 ...
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Assessments Ireland

Assessments Ireland is a multidisciplinary evaluation team dedicated to providing a new, efficient, cost effective, dynamic view to assessments. Established in Dublin the managers of assessments Ireland have a background in assessments, child care, restorative justice, mediation and family conferences. We provide a viable and flexible assessment process.

Many children require an accurate and reliable assessment to identify areas of need so that strategies can be formulated to meet those areas. Currently, the availability of this type of assessment is limited within our health, welfare and justice systems.


Mission statement


Deliver a client centred, multi-disciplinary assessment service to identify needs and strengths.





We propose to provide a flexible assessment service that can be dovetailed to the requirement of the purchaser and the client.  Each purchaser will have a dedicated assessment manager to advise them in designing an assessment and the modular design of our assessment allows for the maximum amount of flexibility.





·                    Provide tailored structured assessments

·                    Provide Flexible programmes

·                    Cost efficient professionalism

·                    Quality of work

·                    Value for money

·                    First class protocols

·                    Appropriate Information for client to assist in further interventions



Core values:


  • Excellence of service delivery
  • Excellence of staff
  • Informed by best practice
  • Empowering clients to plan for their own future.
  • Strength based and client centred.



Our approach:


At Assessment Ireland we:

  • We provide a tailored assessment service
  • We dovetail services to the requirement of the purchaser and the client
  • We dedicate an assessment manager to advice in designing an assessment
  • We make available modular design of assessments
  • We give maximum amount of flexibility


Advantages of using Assessment Ireland:

  • Flexibility
  • Tailored assessment programmes
  • Availability of community, residential and home environment assessment teams




    Staffing of any assessment service is crucial and any business is only as strong as the staff employed. At Assessment Ireland a rigorous selection and training process of the assessment team is in place with adequate supervision and quality control. External verification and quality control process will be carried out by a panel of external verifiers with expertise in this field. This provides referring agencies with the knowledge that this is a transparent and monitored service which is ‘policed’ by an independent person/body.


    Our trained and qualified professional staff will use recognised assessment tools to identify not only areas of need but strengths that can be built on.  The assessment can be carried out in the community or at our own residential house.

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