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Autism Services
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About Core staffing.

Our Pledge

Traditionally agencies have been seen as a last resort merely making up the 'numbers'. We at CORE STAFFING propose to change the way you view agencies by providing energetic proactive staff. CORE STAFFING will provide you, the Client, a new and imaginative solution to the staffing and activity needs of your organization.

             Please contact us if we can help on 01 4429857 / 087 9801898

Aim of Core Staffing Ltd
1. To provide Quality Care Staff at short notice.
2. To provide a personal service for all, both Clients and Contracted Staff, by having management and consultants of Core Staffing Ltd available on a 24 hour basis to deal with all situations that may arise and need prompt resolutions.

We at Core Staff have a number of consultants and professionals available on request to advise or train our staff should the need arise i.e. Councilors, First Aid Trainers, Life Coaches, Dietitians etc.

Core Staffing

The name was chosen with the emphasis on core, showing our company's commitment at being the number one agency at the core of our business. Quality and Commitment are our chief objectives.

  • We pride ourselves with the ability of providing quality staff at short notice and providing a personal touch in our dealings.
  • We guarantee you, on contacting our office, an immediate response on a 24 hour basis.
  • We have a full database of quality and committed personnel on call, with experience and qualifications in the care area.
  • We have Insurance cover in place for our contracted personnel.
  • We have the facility of getting our staff to the point of employment in the earliest possible time.
  • We have a Core Staffing Training Programme for all our contracted personnel.
  • We are registered with the Garda Vetting Unit and have a commitment from the Garda to having our staff vetted in a prompt and responsible manner should we so require.
Mission Statement

  • We pride ourselves in caring with respect for all the vulnerable in our Society regardless of age, race or sex.
  • We believe in the right to be cared for with dignity and respect.
  • We promise to create and maintain the highest standard of care.
  • We thrive to constantly improve and develop our service.
  • We believe in equal opportunity, fairness, respect and camaraderie in the workplace.
  • We believe that confidentiality is paramount.
  • We pledge to provide a holistic service of the highest quality, integrity and reliability.
Policy Statement

CORE STAFFING is a new vibrant company providing care and support for those who need it in society. We are a 24 hour on -call service providing staff to the Health and Care Sector. Our team of professional and enthusiastic careers has a proven track record of delivering a professional and experienced service. All our practitioners have a proven commitment to work in partnership and cross-agency work.

At CORE STAFFING we pride ourselves on our dynamic motivated staff with experience in all fields of care. It is our goal to provide you with the best and most experienced people to suit the individual needs of your centre. Our staff are enthusiastic, self motivator's who have a genuine empathy for the people in their care.
  Please contact us if we can help on 01 4429857 / 087 9801898